The company OBUV-SPECIAL, s.r.o. rose in 1993 as a result of changes in JAS, a.s. Bardejov. The main purpose was by constitution of company to save for present time and also for future a possibility to produce and to develop work shoes and special shoes in area of town Bardejov. It succeeded to save a part of special machines and devices at that time and this equipment was enriched with next special equipments during next years. That is why our company is able to produce really special footwear today and so as one of many companies in Slovakia may offer to customers besides of production of cemented footwear, also good-year welted, stitch-down and McKay footwear. Our company is able thanks to cooperation with the firm JAS EXPORT, a.s. Bardejov to offer also direct injected footwear with PU, PVC and TR soles.

Experiences of our technicians that were gained during of production and development of footwear in Bardejov from 1957 were good “springboard” to demonstrate flexibility and capacity of our company to offer qualitative footwear that will satisfy special necessity of our customers.

One of our first customers in range of special footwear was uniformed service. Our main partners in present are uniformed services on domestic market, but in abroad too. The production of shoes for these customers claims a filling of high requirements on quality of footwear. That is why our company have created a system of quality management by ISO 9001. The certificate of quality was giving us in 1999 by SGS Yarsley International Certification Services Limited. It had us by obtaining this certificate a possibility to go on in international contests mainly in states of EU. It was important to have this certificated system for these contests, because it was one of many conditions for participation in contests after all. We were thanks to applying of this system successful also in so well developed shoe-power as Italia is. Our company became in this way a supplier of footwear not only for our market, but also for customers in abroad. We hope our next contacts, that we succeed to keep, are in northern European countries, for which we produce heavy footwear for uniformed services.

Our actual assortment of shoe-models includes casually footwear, footwear for work, sport and dance. The assortment is not so wide, neither as regards of quantity of models, nor as regards of diversity of models. It depends from specialization of production to mentioned products. The present time of our firm is in sign of ending development of models for fireman and workers in forest.

Object of management of firm by all business steps is to satisfy of our customers by precise supply with top quality of products. We hope our models of shoes and an applying of complex technology, that can our firm to use in our production, give us possibility to offer all customers the same standard, as however in the world offered is.


Miroslav Matys
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